Le principe est très simple : 3 copines, 2 tentes, 1 voiture et 0 charge mentale. Jump on one of the hourly ferries and spend your last few days relaxing on the white sandy secluded beaches of Isla Holbox. Voyage en 4x4 au Mexique. Many of the photos in this post are courtesy of Shutterstock. on 4 January 2018 17 April 2020 with 0 comments 1,148 views . If you have rented a car you may have a tag in it that allows you to go through and pay with the rental agency at the end. Although quite touristy, the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the best places to road trip in Mexico. of the magical hotels in Real for at least a couple of nights. You often get a personal entertainment screen (so you can practice your Spanish) and even a little bagged lunch. From barren deserts, to soaring mountains, to hidden underground sinkholes, there's much to discover when you travel to Mexico. The city is adorned with gorgeous brightly colored buildings, in which you can sample some exquisite traditional Yucatec dishes, and drink in rustic Mexican bars. AlXimia is a can’t miss. This is northern Mexico, and it is the road trip of a lifetime! 10 févr. Couples or friends can find private rooms for a good price as well, usually around $30-50. I usually stick to local beers and rarely spend $20 on a night out. It is much larger than San Miguel de Allende and not so much on the “tourist trail” which can make it a bit harder to explore. Head to the beach in Puerto Morelos for lunch before carrying on. You could also ask a question to the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum. The roads in Mexico are bad. Places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta can get a bit wild during this time, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. The Mesoamerican Reef System off the south coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is definitely one of the best dive locations on Earth, but freshwater cave dives and rocky dives on the west coast make Mexico a true diver's paradise. We've travelled this amazing country for nearly six months in total, and we feel like we've barely scratched the surface. There are oodles of things to do here. If you go to a supermarket, be sure to give a little tip to the person who bags your groceries. Click Here to see available  tours across the country. We use Booking.com to book all of our accommodation  while we're travelling. When it comes to spending your money, not all countries are created equal. Let’s take a closer look at the locals and other types of travellers you’ll meet. Most travellers will arrive to Mexico by air. Located in the small town of Tepozteco just 82 kilometers (51 miles) south of Mexico City, hiking up this 365 meter (1,200 foot) peak is a bit challenging, but because it's low altitude you'll even find children and the elderly hiking it. If you're planning to live in a city in Mexico for an extended period of time, try to join an Expat Facebook Group where you can gather information from foreigners who are currently living there to see if their lives are affected by the crime. Many businesses in popular beach areas close down for a few months. The Mexican Empire that was formed after the war didn’t last very long, and the country soon became a federal republic.The Mexican-American War saw the country lose a lot of its land to the US. There are still around 1.5 million Maya people living in Mexico today. Click this box and get a special $35 credit off of your first Airbnb booking + $15 off of your first Airbnb experience. In Mexico, if you are pulled over by police it is highly unlikely they will ask to see an international driver’s license. Many travellers to Mexico are just starting out on a longer backpacking trip through Latin America. But after driving a long 8 hours you’ll probably want to just curl up in your hotel and explore the city properly the next day. These two smaller cities are very easily reached from the capital. All cuota roads are paid for by cash (no credit cards) so keep lots of money for them. We think that’s pretty fair though. If it is closed, you will have to get to Palenque via Villahermosa and Tabasco, which will take about 8 hours from San Cristobal. Don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time! If that's you, you might want to brush up on your español while here. What I do strongly recommend though, is to not only scrutiniz the check-out form (the diagram of a car that the rental company uses to mark down the condition of the car) but to also run your phone’s video camera over the entire car when you pick it up. If you go out for dinner and have a drink and then hit a bar or two, you can expect to pay around $20-30 total on booze depending on what you drink. Take these roads slowly and don’t drive tired. ), fresh seafood restaurants by the bucketful, golf carts to explore the island on and hammocks set up on the calm tranquil ocean waters (that’s right – IN the water). Take a few days to check out some of the best ones, including Frida Kahlo's house and the impressive Museum of Anthropology. I’d just recommend leaving it on the mainland safely in the parking lot because you really don’t need a car on Isla Mujeres. If that's not for you, never fear - it's not all super picante here. We've already talked in-depth about tipping in the budget section of this post, but basically in small cafeteria-style restaurants, you may not be expected to tip, while in most nicer sit down restaurants and restaurants frequented by tourists, 10-15% is expected and appreciated. Most people know Cozumel or even Isla Mujeres, but Isla Holbox is up-and-coming and is still a … It’s like a huge playground for water-related activities. Below you'll find our personal travel experiences and travel blogs from Mexico. Mexico is an incredible country to travel in. Central areas are fine to walk around day and night, but you’ll want to avoid straying too far from them after dark. We suggest you leave early from Puebla City to the Biosphere Reserve so you have as much time to explore as you need before overnighting in Tehuacán. While you’ll find that many people speak English in Mexico - especially in touristy areas - it never hurts to be equipped with a bit of . Mexicans are proud of their history and culture, and are happy to share it with you. Sure, you could easily burn through your bank account by staying in all-inclusive resorts and hiring a private driver, but budget travellers will do just fine here as well. There are so many things to do in Mexico that you may just find yourself planning your return trip before you even leave! Le Mexique, c’est environ 4 fois la France ! Explore ancient ruins, watch a wrestling match or explore mind-altering museums until your feet scream. Mexico has a very diverse population, and it’s also home to a sizeable expat population. The best of these two places though is San Cristobal de las Casas. Unless you’re staying in a fancy beachside resort or partying it up in enormous nightclubs, you’ll probably want to leave Cancun as soon as possible. You are required to line up, then let them search the car before you’ll be able to move on. Those with money to burn can spend upwards of $300 a night on massive all-inclusive resorts on the coast or high-end hotels in the cities. Don’t let it bother you and instead enjoy the more laid-back pace of life. It's mostly related to drug cartels and the border areas, but bad things can and do happen even in tourist bubbles like Playa del Carmen. Beautiful architecture, tequila, gothic churches, rough local bars, and abandoned villages dominate this route. The best place to see a game is definitely Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, which is home to two clubs - Cruz Azul and Club America. San Luis Potosi (or SLP) is another 6-hour drive from San Miguel. Tipping in Mexico is not always expected, but it's definitely appreciated. Road Trips Travel's Best Travel Planning New Mexico is perhaps most famous for its supposed run-in with aliens back in 1947, but the state is worth exploring for other reasons, too. Calakmul is a 6-hour drive from Bacalar, so you will need to stay the night here. Morgan Shidler. The next day we took a Camioneta to the closest tiny town to buy petrol from some random man’s garage. Although most of the coast (7,338 km) is on the Pacific side where you can enjoy amazing sunsets, there is still a lot of places where land meets the Caribbean Sea - for those seeking the postcard perfect white sand and turquoise water. Coastal cities boast several options for all-inclusive resorts, which usually come with a price tag of $250-500 a night. Nous profitons du 1er jour pour visiter Mexico City : la Catedral Metropolitana, le Templo Mayor, le Palacio Nacional… Nuit à Mexico City JOUR 2 : Teotihuacan, Queretaro & San Miguel De Allende Nous prenons la route vers les villes au Nord de Mexico City. Mexicans are very affectionate, including in public spaces. I even got in a cab in Mexico City where the driver seemed nice enough and turned on his meter, only to find the thing running up abnormally quickly. Returning north we followed the same route, overnighting in mainly the same locations and taking in other sights that we skipped going down. They also love to have a good time and want to make sure you have on while visiting their country. They're usually elderly or very young and actually don't receive a wage at all. Only hotels that are packed with character, have great ratings, and excellent service passes our recommendations test. Americans and Canadians have many other options for direct flights, including popular tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. Books are different than online opinions. En 17 jours découvrez les hauts lieux du Mexique: sa capitale, le Yucatan avec ses plages et ses pyramides et le site de Palenque. Click this box to shop for travel-related items, or check out our packing lists. You may, however, have to pay extra for things like WiFi. Be sure to try the famous tacos al pastor - shawarma-style pork with a bit of pineapple juice cooked in. While it's perfectly fine to change money at such places, you never get a very good rate from them. Speaking of time, people in Mexico like to say ahorita when asked about when something might be done. This includes the US, Canada, all of the EU, Australia, New Zealand, most of South America and a few Asian countries. Next head to Tecate. The sky is the limit a this point. It’s also the 2nd most populous country in Latin America after Brazil. I’m talking from experience here after we ran out of petrol on the Oaxacan mountains one night and had to sleep in the car at a roadhouse. Don’t try to rush this road trip, as that will cause fatigue. That being said, the best time to travel to Mexico is typically between December and April. Need cheap road trip ideas? This site uses cookies to help user experience. It's dark and has light hints of chocolate, so it's definitely not spicy. Try coming here during Carnaval, as they throw one of the biggest celebrations in the world. Some American policies cover you in Mexico, but they may have limitations. Traveller’s checks are all but dead, but below are the best ways to take out your cash while traveling in Mexico. We stopped from one to three nights in each place. Although if you only take the free roads (carretera libre), you may not think so. You may also like to take a detour back up the mountains to San Juan del Pacifico. By Air: It’s possible to find direct flights from all over the US, Canada, and even some cities in Europe to Mexico City and Cancun.