However, once the ship is repaired, the creepy little bird refuses to let her or Sharko leave. Enchantée comme jamais, Marina embarque aussitôt à bord de la loco - mais c'était sans compter sur Sharko, qui exclut illico Zig et Bernie du voyage. Sortie en FR en 2011 dans la catégorie Familial, l’épisode 4 qui dure 7, a été notée de 4.30 et a eu 6 votes. Sharko is devastated, but learns that Hades has a remote device, which means you can revert time! It turns out to be da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus - full of technical diagrams for his brilliant inventions. The mermaid is distraught as she turns the beach upside down looking for it. Marina is depressed and bored. Neptune wants to build a road to his tennis court, but his plan cuts right through Marina and Sharko's house. Zig and Bernie turn the castle into a spa full of traps for the mermaid. Marina launches a silkworm farm. Marina is addicted to a virtual reality game and abandons Sharko. L\'envahisseur, Épisode 41 de la Saison 2 de Zig et Sharko, une série TV lancée en 2010. A freighter washes up on the island with a cargo of Lego type bricks. Zig of course, turns out to be the big loser…. After one failed attempt, Zig decides to use Bernie and his pincers as a drill. That was fun! In the end, it’s Bernie who builds the most impressive and efficient “trap”…, Another mermaid suddenly shows up in the lagoon. Marina gives him a kiss. Poor Sharko who was looking forward to a laidback vacation…. Zig & Sharko ZIG, ANIMALS & JUNGLE LION KING New Compilation Cartoons for Children - Duration: 20:49. For Sharko, it’s a total freak-out, and for Zig? Après une course poursuite effrénée, Zig et Sharko se trouvent coincés dans la chambre froide des cuisines du bateau. A "police-fish" arrests them for vagrancy, and they're locked up. Zig challenges Sharko to a game of… tennis! He does a whole series of cool aerial tricks in order to impress her... A castaway lands on the island. The beach people are attacked by a masked assailant who sprays everyone with ink. Marina takes a picture and posts it on social networks. Marina is thrilled. When Sharko and Zig realise the scam behind the trap, they decide to join hands in order to save Marina. ... 09.35 Documentaire Animal Embassy Annabel le manchot / Adela et Malela les hippopotames nains. It's panic on the beach but Zig refuses to die without having eaten his siren! Marina brazenly seizes the Ocean King’s Trident… and creates total havoc. Zig sabotages his colleague’s efforts to get the position himself. She walks off, fed up. But who is this mysterious "squirter" anyway? Zig takes her in his cab. But he’s just not her type… So, to approach to his beloved, he changes into an irresistible giant Panda. Marina is happy to be with her friends but is quickly frustrated to discover that they draw better than she... A famous actor of which Sharko and Marina are fans comes to stay on the boat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She can't walk properly, can't swim anymore, etc. Soon Marina, Zig and Bernie are overrun with yacht-men. Zig gets hit with a lightning bolt on the head… when he comes to, he’s convinced that Sharko is his mom! Misconceptions in series to predict... Bernie and Zig gain control of Sharko's teeth and make him bite everything in order to scare Marina away from him. But the only fur she fancies is Zig’s…. Sharko gets all confused, he doesn’t know which is which and Zig takes advantage of the confusion in order to grab at least one of the mermaids…, Marina is playing golf with Sharko. A magnificent jaguar shows up on the beach and Zig immediately ingratiates himself. Zig has a zillion ideas of how to capture the mermaid thanks to his new oversized ally. Rats invade the boat! Marina fantasizes about winter sports. Zig tries to eat Marina at night while she's sleeping, so Sharko must save her without making too much noise, as she gets extremely angry when woken up. With Sharko, he decides to use a pendulum to hypnotise Zig, and persuade him to go vegetarian…. They play clowns, perform numbers with help from Bernie. Un château pour deux: Saison 3 épisode 44. samedi 19 déc. Under the beach (and on it), Sharko chases Zig… who chases Marina. The ideal camouflage for getting close to the mermaid. There’s an intruder in her stock: Zig disguises himself as a cocoon- what a monster! But Blobi is hungry, and when he’s hungry, he’ll eat anything, including mermaids… For once Zig is here to protect Marina! A cargo-plane drops its cargo over Zig and Bernie’s home: countless crates filled with trampolines! If only Zig had that Renaissance genius …. Sharko is a hopeless cook. His mission: capture Marina incognito. Zig finds an odd little box in the jungle, presses a button and finds himself in a parallel world with bizarre physical laws! She has to find a wig, fast! Olga-the-terrible, a Viking chieftain has fallen head over heels in love with Zig. There is an egg, all alone on the beach. Zig is covered with glue and sand while sharko is trying to repair the sand castle. Zig and Bernie turn up with a miniature train that actually works. Sharko has to adapt to mountaineering…, A pyramid is discovered on the beach! Zig decides to demolish it but the lighthouse keeper doesn't agree... A freighter runs aground on the beach. And she's going to take care of them! En essayant de la délivrer, Sharko se prend une décharge électrique qui le prive temporairement de l'usage de ses nageoires. Once upon a time, little Zig, Sharko and Bernie got on like a house on fire, until a gorgeous little mermaid turned up and changed the rules. Marina is fascinated by train models. In a blink, she has her water skis pulled by Sharko-as-motor-boat. A mummy tries – unsuccessfully – to sell charms and knick-knacks on the beach. Sharko being a real loser when it comes to building, this is gonna be fun…. Sharko knocks his teeth out trying to get rid of it. Marina is excited. App – Oggy le jeu des differences. But the said intruder chases off the shark by playing his Breton bagpipes... After a new series of unsuccessful attempts to make off with the mermaid, Zig decides to drop the whole thing and become a vegetarian. Meanwhile, Sharko misses Zig, and gets depressed. But he’s the one who terrifies other creatures in the lagoon. Sharko must find a way to control his bad breath around Marina after Zig feeds him stinky cheese. How can you lay hands on a ghost and get rid of him? Zig is knocked out after a fight. Uh, don’t count on it... A Japanese whaling ship tries to catch Sharko, which is A-OK with Zig, who is not only going to help them, but of course take advantage of their presence in order to catch the mermaid… with no success of course…, A male manta ray has come to the lagoon for a stroll. Zig & Sharko Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Marina is not immune to the charm of this big hunk who is putting the move on her. Sharko jumps into an identical taxi-boat and goes after her. Zig and Bernie! For either Zig or Sharko, keeping up with the mermaid will take some work. Even the wildest, most far-out inventions of Bernie aren’t enough to prod him back into action... A cargo ship runs aground on the beach, its hold loaded with toys. Marina and Sharko try to catch and return a ball to two kids after it starts bouncing all over the ship, but Zig's attempts to eat Marina get in the way. The island now faces a huge problem when Marina is wooed by a foreign man promising her freedom and festivities. Zig a réussi à attraper Marina et l'amène au cargo... Mais la sirène n'est nullement apeurée. This morning Bernie's day, but he is too small to care for him returned Zig Bernie back to the hopper to the ground and broke his helmet and saw the colored animal was Zig and Marina and Sharko much loved him and gave him the idea Bernie to love. Zig is on his usual streak of constant hunger when a ship crashes on to the island, with a book full of ideas. He is quite happy to have her shield him against Sharko, but not so happy with the fact that she keeps him away from Marina who Olga sees as a rival…. When he regains consciousness and heads back to Marina’s villa, everything has changed: he’s in a western!…. Sharko intervient mais dans la lutte, le canon explose et les envoie tous les trois dans la stratosphère. 07.45 Dessin animé Zig et Sharko. Sharko, who had forgotten her birthday, decides to invite himself along. Zig is more than happy to provide that…, Marina’s new obsession? Zig appears, distraught over Bernie's health. An alien shows up on the beach. L’épisode 7 est remplie d’événements, d’intérêts et de situations très marquantes, sans oublier les acteurs qui maîtrisent leurs rôles à la perfection. A meteorite is approaching the earth! Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 1 (HD), Zig & Sharko - Opening Credits - Season 2 (HD). She asks Zig to do this, but the hyena fails miserably. Marina’s right there, eager to taste every dish. 08.10 Série TV Candice Renoir La vérité sort de la bouche des enfants. Zig and Bernie are busy making all sorts of origami stuff before you know it. For them the hyena is at the top of the food chain and deserves some respect! These replicas get hammered in Zig's place but always come back empty-handed. Curieux, Zig passe à travers un des cercles... Ce sont des portails de téléportation ! 3 candidates including Zig turn up for recruitment. Zig's sudden ambition to become a racing champion leads to a thrilling car race between the animals! Annoyed, he decides to repair it himself. Before long, a horde of uncontrollable clones has invaded the lagoon – and things go crazy. Cap’n Bristlebeard, the fierce pirate, drops anchor in the lagoon. Genre : Dessin anim é; Année : 2010; Résumé de l'Episode 52 : Méduse magique. Marina has split ends and tries a miracle mask, but her hair grows excessively long. Marina races inside. Marina goes on tour to sing in front of her fans. Selon le site genéanet, Julien Doré n'est pas l'arrière-arrière-petit-neveu de l’illustrateur Gustave Doré [1], [2], contrairement à ce qu’il a affirmé [3].Il est en revanche l'arrière-arrière-petit-fils d'Émile Waldteufel [4]. Zig and Sharko get stuck inside the ship's freezer, so they must work together to get out of there. The mermaid shows up to meet the « human » castaway... Zig becomes infatuated with a little shrimp who is amazingly strong so he sends him on a mission to capture the mermaid. She was singing Sharko fish, animals, fish, Zig and Bernie out of control and Marina did not want to stay with the evil fish and the animal's ears were not heard so they notified Zig and Bernie to get Sharko out of control. Zig makes the most of Sharko’s absence to stalk Marina, but ends up being martyred by the little octopus. Zig sends Marina and Sharko on a fake treasure hunt in order to catch the mermaid, but they end up discovering a real abandoned galleon with cursed treasure inside. For Marina, it is a great surprise: finally, new faces! Sharko has a hard time helping Marina get rid of it. Bernie organizes a painting workshop to allow Zig to approach Marina. Everything is calm and luxurious until an annoying fly spoils the atmosphere. Zig takes advantage of the situation to try and catch Marina …, Zig finds a magician’s trunk washed up on the beach and discovers that, with a twist of the magic wand, he can make anyone disappear. Follow and get new videos of Zig & Sharko every week! Let’s dance! He decides to train with the best chef on the island: Zig! Now they're even... Sharko's plan to ditch his new shoes hits a snag. Zig takes advantage of the situation in order to kidnap her…. Zig will try to take advantage of the situation...In wanting to help the siren, it is the shark who soon finds himself under the influence of the addictive helmet... Marina is eager to exercise and signs up for a fitness training. Marina is given a little octopus to take care of. Meanwhile, Zig comes across a shipwreck which has a lot of inflatable toys and tubes, and he uses them to reach Marina, but as always, finds Sharko standing in the way. Bernie has a brainstorm: he’ll make a lovely magnet-necklace to ‘attract’ Marina! Marina is disappointed: she would have preferred a five-star hotel. Climb to the top of the volcano! Regardez Zig et Sharko Marina se retrouve enfermée dans l'ancien bassin au bout de l'île. A trawler replete with its fisherman arrives in the lagoon and starts raking the seabed to get some scallops. But his attention slips for a second and he gets swallowed by one of the whales…, It’s Christmas! When night falls on the liner, Bernie and the star are finally alone! But it’s not easy playing Dracula…, A plane flies above the wreck and loses its own cargo… ponies! Marina has a new obsession: giant robots! Sharko suggests a deal to Zig : a way to put the smile back on Marina’s face. J'ai pas aimé Je me suis endormi J'ai détesté. She thinks he’s funny at first, but the pirate soon wears out his welcome. ... Zig et Sharko Saison 1 2 épisodes Marina and Sharko are playing hide and seek, but the mermaid is not very good at hiding. Super jealous, Sharko quickly shows up on the scene. A chase between Zig and Sharko ends with the hyena getting covered in pizza. Sharko takes her place as ‘it’… but uh oh, this time he has to keep an eye on Marina PLUS Zig and Bernie …. Marina, who feels that there’s just too much injustice going unchecked on the island, declares that Sharko will be the new local police officer.