[citation needed], As of 25 June, the Belgian authorities had reported 61,007 confirmed cases, with a total of 9,726 deaths and at least 17,688 discharged patients. 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[164] Only on 21 April, masks were advised for all personnel in contact with patients. Coronavirus - La Martinique et la Guadeloupe repassent en zone orange Publié le 10-12-20 à 21h56 à BRUXELLES (Belgique) Le ministère des Affaires étrangères belge a pris la décision de reclasser la Guadeloupe et la Martinique en zone orange et non plus rouge. Approximately 20 patients out of those 399 were being treated in intensive care. [191], Research to find a vaccine against COVID-19, medication for the lung disease or new test methods are concentrated in Belgium amongst others at the KU Leuven (vaccine and new medication, Prof Johan Neyts),[192][193] at the University of Namur (new test method, Benoït Muylkens)[194] and by private companies in collaboration with universities (new 15-minute test method detecting coronavirus antigens, CORIS BioConcept). Cuba avec visa et test PCR à l'arrivée. [220][specify], Belgian companies suffer from the corona crisis, such as producers of fries who reported a drop in demand for potato specialities. Vous devrez rester confiné si vous avez des symptômes (fièvre, toux, difficultés respiratoires). [35] In a later interview van Gucht refined his opinion, adding that 70% of the population (approximately 8 million persons) could become infected. Other experts reacted in the media and questioned whether the situation had to be seen as alarming. vof), a consultancy firm that had no track record in the medical field and was owned by Mahmut Öz, a Belgo-Turkish politician from her own political affiliation. Track COVID-19 local and global coronavirus cases with active, recoveries and death rate on the map, with daily news and video. Tantôt imprégné d’africanité puis d’indianité, le mélange des saveurs de la gastronomie locale se déguste aussi bien dans des petits « lolos » que dans des établissements reconnus par … ", "Le nombre de personnes guéries, l'autre chiffre sous-estimé", "Covid-19 : combien y a-t-il de personnes guéries en France ? (Data from the last two days still have to be consolidated by Sciensano. In September an average of more than 30,000 tests were carried out daily compared to ca. [126], On 16 March, King Philippe addressed the nation and called on all Belgians to respect the COVID-19 measures "for ourselves and for the most vulnerable among us". Depuis le début de la pandémie de COVID-19, la France compte aujourd'hui plus de 2 427 300 cas confirmés, parmi eux 8524 cas en Guadeloupe (Dont 154 décès) et 1071 cas dans les îles du Nord (dont 10 décès). La compagnie aérienne Air Belgium reprendra mi-décembre ses vols vers la Guadeloupe, a-t-elle annoncé mercredi après avoir rencontré le préfet de la Région des îles de Guadeloupe. ", "What is coronavirus and how close is it to becoming a pandemic? [174][175] Some doctors complained that deaths caused by other pathologies and causes have been lumped into the COVID-19 category. The patients are discharged after resolution of symptoms, even though they are not being tested again before leaving the hospital. The actual number of infections is estimated to be much higher than the number of cases confirmed by a laboratory test. The employees affected included some with important tasks in the nuclear power plant. [96], Late in the evening on 12 March, after a meeting of the National Security Council, the Belgian government moved into the federal phase of crisis management, and ordered the closure of schools, discos, cafes and restaurants, and the cancellation of all public gatherings for sporting, cultural or festive purposes from Friday 13 March at midnight onwards. Bahamas avec visa, test PCR et assurance Covid. Trouvez la propriété idéale sur Homelidays - site leader des locations de vacances +2 millions de propriétés +19 millions d'avis Paiement en ligne sécurisé As a result, the new Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo announced that a national lockdown would be reintroduced from 2 November onwards. Deaths with clinical symptoms of the coronavirus disease are considered as "suspicious" and are included in the figures of COVID-19 deaths, even if they were not tested. [236], In the period of 1 to 6 March the number of detected cases grew on average exponentially with a doubling of the number of cases every day. Belgium is among the countries with the highest number of COVID-19 deaths per head of population in the world. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. For example, as of 11 May, all shops are allowed to be open for the public but under certain conditions (e.g. [37] Four cases were in the Leuven area,[38] one case in Hasselt,[39] and one in Pelt. ), Confirmed new cases per day by region Aug In an apparent effort at transparency, a daily epidemiological bulletin and a set of raw data are made available on the Belgian Institute for Health website. The FCDO has removed Guadeloupe from the Global Travel Advisory exemption list, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. [59] The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen informed the entire staff that seven of their colleagues had tested positive, six of them in Belgium. Every day, the latest developments on the epidemiological situation in Belgium are reported, with the new figures of confirmed cases, hospitalised patients and deaths, as well as general explanations and forecasts, or reminders of the need to respect the social distancing measures. [84], On 24 September, new coronavirus restrictions were announced by the government. [41] The Flemish Agency for Care and Health advised the school not to close down. a curfew is being imposed for the entire province. [56] Two more patients died on the same day, one aged 73, and one of 86 who died in Sint-Genesius-Rode. Oct [146][147] On 16 March, De Standaard reported that De Block had blundered by ordering all 5 million masks from a single company (M.O.S.S.A. Protection de la vie privée - Individuals are required to stay in their homes from 11.30 pm to 6 am. "Manier van tellen is anders, "Van Gucht: 'We trekken ons best niets aan van internationale ranking van coronadoden, "The trends of the last days seem to persist", "Waarom je coronacijfers van landen niet zomaar kunt vergelijken", "Coronavirus: Belgium's high death toll will deter tourists", "Nieuw gemor over Belgische rapportering coronadoden", "Belgium says transparency explains high virus death toll", "Coronavirus: Counting all deaths in care centres is 'dumb, "Why does Belgium have so many Coronavirus deaths? People could only go to a restaurant within their family and within the bubble. Experts like Marc Wathelet, a virologist specialised in coronaviruses, urged for strict prevention measures, affirming that the Belgian federal minister of health Maggie De Block was underestimating the danger[128] and Professor in microbiology Herman Goossens of the UZA [nl] in Antwerp, called for wider screening for the virus. [68], The additional number of people reported as having tested positive for the novel coronavirus peaked on 28 March compared to the previous days. Since the 13 March, the FPS Health together with the National Crisis Centre (NCCN) has held a daily press conference[118] led by spokesmen Benoît Ramacker, Peter Mertens and Yves Stevens with doctors Steven Van Gucht and Emmanuel André. Coronavirus Vous pouvez trouver des informations importantes sur les voyages pendant la pandémie de Covid-19 sur la page d'accueil de ce site.. On 2 March, six additional cases, making a total of eight, had been diagnosed. Retrouvez les dernières actus sur le Coronavirus Covid-19, ainsi que l'évolution de l'épidémie, par pays et par département, et la recherche du vaccin. 48,5 procent minder auto's op de weg maar hamsteren veroorzaakt wel méér vrachtverkeer", "Corona does not necessarily imply less pollution", "Coronavirus lockdowns have changed the way Earth moves", "Coronavirus : pourquoi le nombre de cas détectés en Belgique ne représente pas grand-chose", "Marc Van Ranst: "Werkelijk aantal besmettingen ligt waarschijnlijk tien keer hoger, "Coronavirus en Belgique : combien y a-t-il de patients guéris ? [100] Earlier, the governor of West Flanders had complained about Dutch and French citizens coming to Belgium for tourism or shopping,[101] while mayors of municipalities close to the border with the Netherlands such as Paul Van Miert of Turnhout urged their Dutch counterparts to request their national authorities in the Netherlands to implement similar measures as in Belgium, to stop Belgian citizens going to Dutch cafés or restaurants. [233][234], The number of confirmed infections is the number of samples tested positive by a reference laboratory. Les musées confinés se réveillent au son du violoncelle de Camille Thomas . ", "Wat kunnen de wiskundige modellen echt voorspellen? As of 3 April 92 % of the fatalities in Belgium were 65 years of age and older, 0.6 % were younger than 45 years and 58 % were men. Apr In mid-October 2020, 26 people working at the Doel Nuclear Power Station tested positive for COVID-19. [6][7] The epidemic increased rapidly in March–April 2020. It was more than 5% at the peak in April and less than 1% at the end of June. May ), 7-day running average for daily new cases, hospitalisations, discharges and deaths, Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Belgium, Map of Belgium and its provinces with the spread of COVID-19 as of 9 July 2020, Infections at the Doel Nuclear Power Station, High death toll and unusual method of counting, Please consider summarizing the material while. [citation needed], An agreement has finally been found on 16 March under the form of a continuation of the Wilmès I Government, with the exception that the government now has full legislative powers rather than being just a caretaker government. [52], From 422 samples analysed on 7 March 31 were reported positive on 8 March (16 in Flanders, eight in Brussels and seven in Wallonia), bringing the number of infections to 200. [citation needed], On 21 February, a group of ten Belgian citizens were allowed to return to Belgium after having been constrained on the MS Westerdam cruise ship for several days. ", "Universiteit Hasselt leidt Europees onderzoek naar verspreiding corona", "Voorspellingen wiskundige griezelig accuraat: "Model voorspelde 895 positieve tests, voor morgen 1.151. [129] Pharmacists complained they did not receive clear instructions from the authorities. ", "Talks on emergency government continue this afternoon", "De Wever wil zelf premier worden van noodregering, maar PS slaat al deur dicht", "PS en MR trekken stekker uit noodregering: "Tijdverlies, onze enige prioriteit is coronacrisis, "Formation fédérale - Un gouvernement de plein exercice mais dont le périmètre se limitera au coronavirus", "Le gouvernement Wilmès va être doté de pouvoirs spéciaux pendant 6 mois", "1.25 million people on temporary unemployment benefit", "Corona crisis hits production of Belgian fries", "Coronavirus is grounding the world's airlines", "Brussels Airlines temporarily suspends all its flights as of 21 March until 19 April", "Brussels Airlines extends the temporary suspension of its flights", "Brussels Airlines further extends the temporary suspension of its flights", "Coronavirus: How Belgium's breweries are adapting to lockdown", "Douaniers op onze luchthavens dragen voortaan mondmaskers: "Maar hier masker dragen tegen coronavirus heeft geen zin, "New figures confirm 45% less traffic on Flemish highways", "Files in coronacrisis? [232][specify] Belgian researchers at the Royal Observatory of Belgium noticed a drop of the background noise on the seismic data that could be the result of transport networks and other human activities being shut down. Non-essential shops were to close, households were only allowed one visitor at a time, and school holidays were extended to 15 November. Annonceurs - See the map, stats, and news for areas affected by COVID-19 on Google News [71], Jan Eyckmans of the Federal Public Service Health claimed hospitals increased their number of ICUs from 1900 to 2650 over a period of two weeks time, corresponding to an increase from 16.5 to 23.0 ICUs per 100,000 inhabitants. [12] Such differences in methods of counting complicate any attempt to compare death rates in different countries. [170][171] In Belgium, around 46% of the COVID-19 deaths occurred in hospital and 53% occurred in care homes; and while the deaths in hospital are all confirmed by a test, only 5% of the deaths in care homes are confirmed by a test, the other 95% being suspected cases. [166][167] In Brussels, coronavirus cases have been confirmed in 116 of the 146 care homes. C’est eux notamment qui prennent en charge les malades pour les emmener à l’hôpital. [82] Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst advocated against easing and in favour of stricter measures, calling the situation in Belgium on 15 September a recipe for disaster. [239], The first recovered case was on 15 February 2020. [167][12], Unlike most neighbouring countries (the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK), the Belgian authorities were initially not willing to provide information or statistics on where the cases are located, beyond statistics for each region: Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. ), Change of hospitalisations per day in Belgium, Active cases in hospital per day (incl. [95] Schools remained open but are advised to cancel both trips abroad and multi-day excursions in general. [151] On 25 March, PVDA-member of parliament Sofie Merckx [nl] complained that since 2009 the various governments had not renewed the strategic reserves of mouth masks due to cost cutting measures in the health care system. L’information officielle sur la progression de l’épidémie en France est consolidée par Santé publique France. [72] However, on the daily press conference of the Belgian National Crisis Centre of 28 March Dr Emmanuel André of the UZ Leuven mentioned that the number of 789 ICUs corresponded to 43% of the capacity, bringing the total capacity to 1835 instead of 2650, while Dr Van Gucht quoted the capacity as 2081 units. Nov [249] On 29 March the province of Liège even became the second worst affected province in Belgium after Limburg. [183], To cope with the increasing influx of patients, several hospitals started to build new temporary facilities, such as the UZA clinic in Edegem with the construction of containers[184] or the Saint Peter's Hospital in Brussels with the set up of outside tents supported by the Belgian Red Cross.