Impressive modern architecture that offers some great views on … Home > Lyon architecture: buildings > Musée des Confluences, Lyon Building, Musée des Confluences Lyon, Building, Architect, French Architecture News, Building in southern France design by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU architects, page updated 7 Jan 2017 with new photos ; 6 Mar 2015. Blinds between the primary and secondary supporting structure protect the most sun-exposed areas and also reduce noise. Le département du Rhône voit à travers ce musée, un lieu d’échange, de rassemblement et de diversité. In terms of thermal insulation, the facades of the exhibition area (Cloud) are characterized by an extremely efficient building shell. The steel structure, conceived as a bridge construction, made it possible to develop all of the exhibition halls without supports. Represented by SERL, Lyon, France, Planning: Patriarche & Co, Chambéry/Lyon, France The base is designed as a reinforced concrete structure with exposed concrete walls. This special surface treatment results in a gentle reflection of the light and colors of the surrounding area. austrian architectural studio coop himmelb (l)au has released further images of the musée des confluences, a project they completed at the turn of the year. Monolith in Lyon, Requalification of the Rockefeller site, Faculty of Medicine Lyon East, University Claude Bernard Lyon It is therefore unnecessary to use a traditional air conditioning system. In the entrance building, a drop-shaped construction serves as supporting structure. Construction Survey Lyon: Jean Pierre Debray COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wolf D. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky + Partner, Project Architects: Mona Bayr, Angus Schoenberger, Project Coordination: Thomas Margaretha, Peter Grell, Project Team Vienna: Christopher Beccone, Guy Bébié, Lorenz Bürgi, Wolfgang Fiel, Kai Hellat, Robert Haranza, Alex Jackson, Georg Kolmayr, Daniel Kerbler, Lucas Kulnig, Andreas Mieling, Marianna Milioni, Andrea Schöning, Mario Schwary, Markus Schwarz, Oliver Tessmann, Dionicio Valdez, Philipp Vogt, Markus Wings, Tom Wiscombe, Christoph Ziegler, Jutta Schädler, Project Team Lyon: Francois Texier, Philippe Folliasson, Etienne Champenois, Alexandru Gheorghe, Niels Hiller, Emanuele Iacono, Pierre-Yves Six, Client: Project Coordination: Thomas Margaretha, Peter Grell, Project Team Vienna: Christopher Beccone, Guy Bébié, Lorenz Bürgi, Wolfgang Fiel, Kai Hellat, Robert Haranza, Alex Jackson, Georg Kolmayr, Daniel Kerbler, Lucas Kulnig, Andreas Mieling, Marianna Milioni, Daniel Moral, Jutta Schädler, Andrea Schöning, Mario Schwary, Markus Schwarz, Oliver Tessmann, Dionicio Valdez, Philipp Vogt, Markus Wings, Christoph Ziegler Musée des Confluences Entrance Ticket provided by Musée des Confluences. Costs: Mazet & Associés, Paris, France; CUBIC, Jean Luc Minjard, Lyon, France Design Principal/CEO: Wolf D. Prix In order to build a museum of knowledge, a complex new form had to be developed as an iconic gateway. photograph © Studio Erick Sailleti Niveau 3 Administration et espaces privatisables. The idea was therefore to develop an openly traversable building that would be floating in part only on supports, in order to create a public space underneath. Bienvenue sur la page officielle du musée des Confluences. Long de 180 mètres, large de 90 et haut de 45, ce bâtiment est la première réalisation en France du cabinet d'architecte autrichien COOP Himmelblau connu pour ses réalisations déconstructivistes en Allemagne (BMW Welt à Munich par exemple). The floors are cooled via ground water. Ce bâtiment, à la réalisation très complexe, abrite l'ensemble des collections, permanentes et temporaires, sur près de 11 000 m² et quatre niveaux. Il s’agit de sa première réalisation en France. Security Fire Consultation: Cabinet Casso & Cie, Paris, France Left and right of this path are arranged the individual exhibition halls (one of them two-level), and at the end is a view of the confluence of two rivers, the Pointe du Confluent. It rests on the concrete structures of the base and the main supporting structure of the Cloud. Gross Floor Area: 46,476 m² Quatorze poteaux et trois piles principales supportent les 6 000 tonnes du Nuage. Niveau 2 Expositions permanentes et ateliers. It consists of steel tubing arranged in the grid of the glass panels. Acoustics: Cabinet Lamoureux, Paris, France In the Plaza below this highly raised, almost flying component – the showrooms are broadly cantilevered in parts – the lit wave pattern of the surface of a small lake is reflected on the underside of the building. Save. As an extension of the park located on the Southern top of the island a new urban space formulates itself; a landscape consisting of ramps and surfaces merging the inside and the outside and resulting in a dynamic sequence of spatial events. The outer skin of the Cloud consists of 3-mm stainless steel plates that have been blasted with glass beads. It reduces the weight of the entry building’s entire steel construction by a third. L'architecture du musée des Confluences naît de la rencontre d'un Cristal de verre et d'un Nuage d'inox, à l'image de la convergence des deux cours d'eau : le Rhône et la Saône. The building should serve as a distinctive beacon and entrance for the visitors approaching from the South, as well as a starting point for urban development. demande d'échange suite à la fermeture du musée, en famille 8 ans et + | Le défi en famille : L'aventure Chrono'lab, associations, professionnels & collectivités. Le jardin public permet un accès unique au confluent du Rhône et de la Saône. Héritier du Musée d'histoire naturelle Guimet de Lyon, il est hébergé dans un bâtiment de style déconstructiviste de l’agence d'architecture Coop Himmelb(l)au de 2014 , dans le quartier de La Confluence, sur la pointe sud de la Presqu'île de Lyon, au confluent du Rhône et de la Saône (2e arrondissement de Lyon). The main entrance has a large canopy that is connected to the primary support structure and clad with metal sheets, like the Cloud. The permanent exhibition circuit begins with the great universal questions and then goes on to explore the origin and the destiny of humanity, the diversity of cultures and civilisations and also the place of humans within the web of life. Faculty of Medicine at University Claude Bernard in Lyon, The Orange Cube Share. This gravity well reduces the weight of the entire steel structure of the entrance building by a third. Lighting Consultation: Har Hollands, Eindhoven, Netherlands It was important to the concept that the flow of visitors arriving from the city to the Pointe du Confluent should not be impeded by a building. They can be opened through a motor. Réputée dans le monde entier pour ses bâtiments à l’architecture déconstruite, l'agence compte parmi ses réalisations le B… Category: Cultural Building. The supply air enters via glazed ventilation flaps inside the east facade while the exhaust air exits via the roof area. The four different entry sequences consist of large glass doors. Différend au musée des Confluences.Dans: Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics et du Bâtiment, n. 5392 (30 mars 2007), pp. The resulting architecture is characterised by the interactions, the fusion and mutation of different entities constituting a new shape. Media Consulation: Cabinet Labeyrie, Paris, France Project Architects: Mona Bayr, Angus Schoenberger The museum is dedicated to natural science and anthropology, beginning with questions of man’s origins and purpose. Trois parties structurent le bâtiment : – Le « cristal », au nord, abrite le hall d’entrée du musée. Le nom même du musée des Confluences résume son emplacement : il est situé en bas de la presqu’île de Lyon, là où le Rhône et la Saône se rejoignent.. Design Architect: Tom Wiscombe du mardi au jeudi de 10h à 16h (hors jours fériés), horaires Musée des Confluences Entrance Ticket. architecture magazine Publications pertinentes. Lyons Docks building, Comments / photos for the Musée des Confluences, Lyon Architecture page welcome, Faculty of Medicine at University Claude Bernard in Lyon, Lyon Architecture News, Buildings Designs, Lyon Developments: Southern French Buildings. The deconstructivist architectural … Project Partner: Markus Prossnigg Landscape Design: EGIS aménagement, Lyon, France, Competition (1st Prize): 2001 Frequence of Visitors: 500.000 visitors per year 44. Degioanni, Jacques-Franck (2007): Une architecture hybride enveloppe un musée futuriste (Lyon).Dans: Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics et du Bâtiment, n. 5390 (16 mars 2007), pp. The building ground of the museum is located on a peninsula that was artificially extended 100 years ago and situated in the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. 57,811 were here. Execution: MESA Workshop, Lyon, France Architectural Concept The crystal cloud of knowledge The Musée des Confluences understands itself not as an exclusive “Temple of the Muses” for the educated elite, but as a public gateway to the knowledge of our time. The exhibits explain the big bang theory, the history of the universe, and delves into world cultures, with exhibitions from arts and crafts artists. Media Consulation: Cabinet Labeyrie, Paris, France integrating the fields of technology, biology and ethics, coop himmelb(l)au's 'musée des confluences' is nearing completion in the french city of lyon. Lighting Consultation: Har Hollands, Eindhoven, Netherlands Dar el Bacha Museum of Confluences (Dar el Bacha Musée des Confluences) was built in the Marrakech medina by Pasha Thami el Glaoui in 1910. A photovoltaic system is installed on the roof. Musée des Confluences, Lyon : consultez 3 781 avis, articles et 2 810 photos de Musée des Confluences, classée n°27 sur 258 activités à Lyon sur Tripadvisor. It is an open concept of flowing within the architecture with spaces in liquid discourse. Tarif : 3€/2€ + billet musée Durée : 1h00 À partir de 13 ans Présentation à l'accueil du musée 15 minutes avant le début de la visite Veillez à bien choisir la date de votre activité. Even though it was apparent that this site would be a difficult one (536-metre-long piles had to be securely driven into the ground), it was clear that this location would be very important for the urban design. Conçue par l’agence autrichienne Coop Himmelb(l)auWolf D. Prix & Partner, l’architecture suggère l’infinie diversité des connaissances et la pluralité des vocations d’un espace mixte, un lieu de découverte, d’émerveillement, de partage des savoirs dédié à tous les publics. Tous les détenteurs d’un billet recevront prochainement une information par mail précisant les modalités d’échange ou de remboursement. Base: Client: Département du Rhône, Lyon, France, represented by SERL, Lyon, France, Planning: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT GmbH Beideler, Julien (2007): Fondations profondes. Coop Himmelblau designed the Museum of Confluences in Lyon, France in 2014. Le Cristal, d’une surface de 1 900 m², est l’espace dédié à l’entrée du public et à la circulation des visiteurs. Découvrez l'avis du Petit Paumé ! Architects: Jakob + Macfarlane Scheduled Completion: 2014, Site Area: 20,975 m² Innovations develop within interspaces, within indistinctness, within the overlapping and hybridising. Open since December 20, 2014, the musée des Confluences tells the story of mankind and of the history of life. Design: MVRDV Confluences, MUCEM, Vuitton : trois étapes de la disparition du musée. The Orange Cube Lyon, Docks Quay Rambaud 86 quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon - France, téléphone In 2001, Prix won a competition to design the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France, sited at the end of a peninsula where the mighty Rhône and Saône rivers converge. Au confluent du Rhône et de la Saône, le musée s’installe au cœur d’une structure monumentale entre cristal et nuage, conçue par Coop Himmelb (l)au, unique réalisation française de cette agence autrichienne connue dans le monde entier pour son architecture de l’école déconstructiviste. A tubular lattice with a rectangular profile of 400 x 200 mm forms the primary support of the Crystal. Mutations of form, penetrations, deformations, simultaneities, breakdowns and variabilities have an effect on architecture. Musée des Confluences est est un musée à Confluence (Lyon 2). The entrance building, the so-called Crystal, is openly traversable, and a vertical access to the exhibition spaces. A building that truly stands out can only come into being through shapes resulting from new geometries. CUBIC, Lyon, France, Structural Engineering (Design): B+G Ingenieure, Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, Structural Engineering (Executive): The Musée des Confluences is a science centre and anthropology museum which opened on 20 December 2014 in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon,, France. 57,794 were here. The future society will be a society of knowledge. Installée sur l'autopont du quai Perrache, cette œuvre monumentale des artistes réunionnais Kid Kréol & Boogie puise son inspiration dans des traditions malgaches. In contrast to this the cloud hides the knowledge about the future; it is a soft space of hidden streams and countless transitions. 64 reviews. Start of Construction: 10/2010 Odile Decq Benoît Cornette “Un bâtiment unique, des collections exceptionnelles,… Closed Black Boxes and free exhibition areas alternate by exploiting the double room height of two levels. Situated on a slightly raised base (due to the high groundwater), two auditoriums (for 327 and 122 persons, respectively) and work spaces, which will also be used for training purposes for the surrounding schools, will be located next to storage and workshops for the production of exhibitions. Structural Engineering: B+G Ingenieure, Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany (design), Coyne et Bellier, Lyon, France (execution); VS_A, Lille, France (execution) Designed by Erick van Egeraat The idea of the permanent reinvention of an urban event enables Lyon to perfectly position itself within a regional as well as within a global context. The Musée des Confluences does not consider itself as an exclusive temple for the intellectual bourgeoisie but as a public place providing access to the knowledge of our age. Bienvenue sur la page officielle du musée des Confluences. Project Managerment: Chabanne & Partenaires, Lyon, France Its shape that can be read clearly stands for the everyday world. The concept of two complexly connected architectural units are a result of the striking interface-like situation of the building site. The foyer (Crystal) is a naturally ventilated space. Le jardin public, dessiné par le cabinet d’architecture du musée, est accessible à tous et permet d’accéder au confluent du Rhône et de la Saône, proposant des espaces de repos, de végétation et de promenade.