However, if you have any concrete evidence to the contrary, we encourage you to send the proof to You would never have seen him give his opinion in public. Absolutely, it is important to have a good climate. Terms | So he was there, he accompanied me to Saint-Étienne where I received an exceptional welcome because immediately, I was received by François Blaquart, Roger Chassang, and I did a test which was conclusive. You rubbed shoulders with Jean-Guy Wallemme who has been of great importance in your career ? Lucien Mettomo; Mettomo, Lucien. Absolutely. This article appeared first on,30723.html, Algeria: Normal training school for renewable energy professions, soon to be set up, CELEBRITY: Tiwa Savage unveils her Next project, getting naked in a video clip, Felipe Mora's 5th-minute goal holds up in Timbers' 1-0 win over Whitecaps, Meet Tanner Tessmann, the kid who chose FC Dallas over Clemson football, Ligue 1, 5th day: Ignatius "Ganagoal" scorer with RC Lens! However, you had been faithful during the summer of 1999 when several more upscale Division 1 clubs were interested in you…. I had benefited from the fact that I already had family in Paris, in particular my older brother who had lived there for 13 years. The proof, and you give me the chance to send my condolences to the family of Robert Herbin who has left, it saddened us all. Club-statistics; Country-statitistics; … There was a mix between youth and experienced players and it did well. = '0'; They dreamed of Saint-Etienne in the days of its great players. But I think it is due to financial concerns and especially to the instability on the banks. On a collective level, it is a success, but even more on a personal level. There was a technique that was put in place. Lucien Mettomo est un footballeur international camerounais né le 19 avril 1977 à Douala … Save my name, my e-mail and my website in the browser for my next comment. But no matter the talent, every player must also have a bit of luck to stay away from injuries and this was Mettomo's Achilles tendon. Not personally. Click here to learn how to enable JavaScript in your browser. And then, we must not forget the public support. - Let's talk…. When we talk about goal of Lucien Mettomo, who does not remember the one registered in 1999 against the Red Star at the Stade de France. I did not see myself leaving because I was already coming back from an injury and I had been promoted to captain. I still have goosebumps talking to you about it today. He looked, he left, just slipped you a note. I was leaving to find out something. They simply invited me to do a week of testing in Saint-Etienne. Every human effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the stats featured on this … Absolutely. Related Posts Lionel Messi en a de plus en plus marre , il s’exprime Report: Upset Messi looking to leave Barcelona Les légendes du football camerounais : Joseph Yebga Maya Le Cameroun voyait en l’éclosion de Lucien Mettomo la continuité d’excellence de l’axe défensif central des Lions Indomptables au début des années 2000. You wanted to stay, we kindly showed you the exit door ? Javascript is currently disabled. My brother and my whole family were amazed because famous Cameroonian players like Roger Milla wore this jersey. You know, when you are in the hearts of the Stéphanois supporters and they feel that you are invested, it's simply great. He has had great importance in your career ? = ''; Yes, because for someone like me who was taking the plunge, if I hadn't had bearings, people around me, it would have been complicated. They trusted the young people at the training center and I think I was one of those chosen to join the first team and I put a lot of determination, a lot of desire to show that these people had was right. It's not been great for a while. vitag.videoDiscoverConfig = { random: true, noFixedVideo: true}; (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function () { viAPItag.initInstreamBanner('vi_417613280') }); if (window.innerWidth > 900){ Publisher - AND THE INFORMATION IS RELAYED, Felipe Mora's 5th-minute goal holds up in Timbers' 1-0…, France: Ganago scores again, but is injured, Meet Tanner Tessmann, the kid who chose FC Dallas over Clemson…. Cameroon saw in the emergence of Lucien Mettomo the continuity of excellence of the central defensive axis of the Indomitable Lions in the early 2000s. He kept putting me back, going into details, I was amazed. After five and a half years spent in Saint-Etienne, you therefore left the Greens in 2002. if ( <= 0){ Unfortunately, there was, as is often the case today, the fact that the financier took precedence over the sportsman. Did you feel some trepidation ? The latter makes a center and I believe it is Pape Sarr again or Nestor Subiat who finds himself at the fall and I am advanced, I see the ball come back and I say to myself: You try, either it goes in the clouds or in the frame " I take the ball and when I see it go, as soon as the ball leaves my foot, I can guarantee you that I know it will return. Click here to learn how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Where did you get this taste for purpose ? However, personally, when I arrive and the club goes down and has financial worries, I'm not worried. I'm always in favor of having a coach on the sidelines who has time to set up a project. There was a kind of carelessness, actually. In the meantime there had been the arrival of a new shareholder, a new sports staff. We made extraordinary performances. Do not hesitate to drink advice. Page Last Updated: 26/09/2020 17:16 UK Time. = rect.height + 'px'; Alicia Keys confides: "I was supposed to end up a prostitute or ... Vanessa Paradis “appreciates” Timothée Chalamet, the fiancé of her…. He came to see training. He had set up on set kicks or other specific phases of play, the possibility that I project myself forward. I had to go all the way. var rect = adElemSticky.getBoundingClientRect(); And then it's a magnificent goal in a magnificent stadium with a magnificent audience, that's Les Verts. From time to time I have contacts with President Romeyer who is one of the personalities of the old team, who has always been there. Last year, coach Gasset leaves, we don't really know why, Puel is coming, there are problems with Ruffier, lots of little things like that. حالات جديدة !!…. You arrive in a decimated club which has just gone back down in D2 and close to the bankruptcy. This site uses cookies to give you the best possible user experience. }, (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_417613283")}). One wonders if each year the club is not going to be sold, will the coach always be the same. We at our level, at the training center, we just dreamed of going professional and giving back to the club the confidence he had given us. It's really a family club and I see that today it continues to maintain this state of mind there and it's great. I had the chance to rub shoulders with boys like Jean-Guy Wallemme, Kader Ferhaoui, Gilles Leclerc, Jérôme Alonzo, Romarin Billong and so on, but Jean-Guy brought me in few matches what I would have learned in ten years of career. About | selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. It's something I still can't explain in reality. © 2020 - TELES RELAY. Lucién Mettomo former footballer (Centre-Back) last club: PAE Veria Lucién Mettomo - Player profile | Transfermarkt For using this site, please activate JavaScript. -…, xnxx: 15 messages to send after a rake to keep face. Eleven Mondial granted him an interview which talks about his passage to Saint-Etienne. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 22 février 2020 à 20:55. Like I said, we always talk to each other. All Rights Reserved. What do you think of the current situation of the club ? I think that instability cannot bring positive results. Angry FC Barcelona supporters force the entry of ... Messi wants to leave FC Barcelona angry fans ... 10 لحظات لو لم تسجلها الكاميرا لما صدقها أحد .. = ''; I left for a tournament in Paris and emissaries of theAXIS and other clubs were there. It was over time that I learned the legend that he was in Saint-Etienne. } Mettomo's youth, his ball-to-foot quality, his ability, despite his hyper-defensive role, to score goals were undeniable assets. I have always thanked him for that. Was it not a heartbreak ? In order to post a comment, please check that cookies and JavaScript are enabled and reload the page. But as I say, I love this club, I will always love it and when I come to France, I always try to pass there. In the Middle East, Morocco is playing the balance - Jeune Afrique. The public is simply exceptional, I wish any footballer to experience this. = 'fixed'; Every human effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the stats featured on this website. Lucien Mettomo: a pure talent who could not resist the intangibles of injuries,,30723.html. Otherwise, the contact I have kept is with the old players, we talk a lot, we remember the good times. And everyone kept saying to me, " But finally, it's Robert Herbin " And it was he who gave my name to the new staff, while I was playing in reserve, saying that I could help the first team. I took support from Pape Sarr who had given the ball to Julien Sablé. It was the merger because even before the games, he explained things to me, gave me info about the players. It was an act that was not accomplished, a badly finished story because I leave in conditions where we say that we want to save the club which has financial problems. We don't really know how it goes at the head of the team. He followed the reserve players, and he gave my name. Saint-Etienne is unfortunately in this case. Get the latest news, stats, videos, highlights and more about defender Lucien Mettomo on ESPN. With these guys we formed something good. You score no less than 7 goals in Division 2, even finishing second in the championship. We watch the club and follow its news. I had my little star party (laughs). 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