Other notable works include early medieval sculptures and masterpieces works of gold, ivory, antique furnishings, stained glass, and illuminated manuscripts. Inscription à la lettre d'information. Le musée de Cluny possède la plus riche collection de vitraux en France (plus de 230 panneaux, médaillons ou fragments de vitraux couvrant une période du XII° jusqu'au début du XVI e siècle). Cluny Museum, French Musée De Cluny, in Paris, museum of medieval arts and crafts housed in the Hôtel de Cluny, a Gothic mansion built about 1490 as the town residence of the abbots of Cluny. The combined collections became the Musée de Cluny (now the Musée National du Moyen Âge). Mail : contact.musee-moyenage [at] culture.gouv.fr . The Musée de Cluny, also known as the Musée national du Moyen Âge, is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Paris, a former townhouse whose construction started in 1334. Administrative adresse : 6 place Paul Painlevé - 75005 Paris. It covers all aspects of glass from stained windows in Saint Denis Cathedral to spectacles, house windows and drinking glasses. Go to content Due to the large number of orders to be processed and the delay of the delivery services, delivery times are exceptionally extended and delivery cannot be guaranteed before Christmas for all orders placed after December 15, 2020. The Musée de Cluny - Musée du Moyen-Age museum online shop to buy exhibitions catalogues and art gifts. Tél : +33 1 53 73 78 00 - +33 1 53 73 78 16. Inscription à la … Entrée du musée par le 28 rue Du Sommerard, 75005 Paris. The museum houses a variety of important medieval artifacts, in particular its tapestry collection, which includes the fifteenth-century tapestry cycle La Dame à la Licorne. See more ideas about middle ages, museum, medieval stained glass. Billetterie en ligne. Musée de Cluny is such a discreet place that I had to rely on Australian friends to find out about one of the most magical exhibitions of the moment : ” Inventiveness in glass in the Middle Ages “. Musée de Cluny, Musée national du Moyen Âge . Musée de Cluny Musée national du Moyen Âge . [1] Mail : contact.musee-moyenage [at] culture.gouv.fr . The French government acquired the property on du Sommerard’s death in 1842. Boutique en ligne Aug 31, 2015 - Museum of the middle ages in Paris. In 1844, Lenoir’s son, Alexandre-Albert Lenoir (1801–1891), oversaw the movement of his father’s collection to Roman baths that are immediately adjacent to the Hôtel de Cluny. Public entrance : 28 rue Du Sommerard 75005 Paris. The Lady and the Unicorn (French: La Dame à la licorne) is the modern title given to a series of six tapestries created in the style of mille-fleurs (meaning: "thousand flowers") and woven in Flanders from wool and silk, from designs ("cartoons") drawn in Paris around 1500. Musee de Cluny in Paris is steeped in both medieval and Ancient Roman history. Tél : 01 53 73 78 00 - 01 53 73 78 16. The collection assembled by Alexandre du Sommerard, owner of the mansion from 1833, was the basis of the museum. Adresse administrative : 6 place Paul Painlevé, 75005 Paris. Français : Prêtre de Sérapis, marbre de Naxos, réalisée en Italie entre 361-400, rapporté en France en 1787, collection du Musée de Cluny depuis 1859, fut longtemps nommée Julien l’apostat. Officially known as Musée National du Moyen Âge – the National Museum of the Middle Ages – Musee de Cluny has an impressive collection, including Roman statues, gothic sculptures, a treasury filled with the works of medieval goldsmiths and an exhibit of funereal objects.