Michael J. Nancy Marchand, Votes: Oscar is reluctant until Charles implies that his co-operation could help clinch the deal, and so gets to know Amy at a private exhibition of her work. $126.53M. Albert Brooks Mae Whitman, Surrounding the political intrigue is the awkward relationship between the always proper Stevens and the more informal housekeeper, Miss Kenton, who likes to speak her mind, mostly to Stevens' disapproving ear.Mostly, it's a study of one man's self-imposed repression, but also a country still wrapped in tradition, where doing the noble thing didn't always coincide with what was the best thing. Kevin Kline, "Meg Ryan stars as Dr. Maggie Rice, a heart surgeon who is grieving over a lost patient when an angel named Seth (Nicolas Cage) appears to comfort her. Much to his chagrin, Oscar may have finally found the woman of his dreams. It's corny and silly bit of fluff. But isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more? "Anthony Hopkins is outstanding as Mr. Stevens, the proud butler of Lord Darlington's estate, which has been known to host a variety of Britain's most important people. Their father has a rule where Bianca can only date when Kat does. James L. Brooks I am an ardent supporter of Austen, but I must say that the film version makes a commendable choice in choosing a protagonist that shares more of Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennett's spirit than the subdued Fanny of Mansfield Park.Frances O'Connor and Jonny Lee Miller (as Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram) carry the film with their subtlety and chemistry, and a few scenes between the two are enough. | 139 min Mary Mara, R Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Director: There must be a reason that I am as I am. 115 min 63,008 Elizabeth Perkins, For the big guy "Holly Hunter is Renata Bella, an aimless Bostonian thirtysomething who attends a seminar for aspiring condo salespersons. Mick Jackson The Best '90s Movies to Binge-Watch Right Now. PG-13 103 min As they struggle to come to terms with their relationship, something supernatural happens that tests it. "Come in, I've been expecting you / There's a knock on the door and love walks through / And lights a fire and smiles a smile / As if love were going to stay a while / And the fire breathes and weaves its spell / But then love runs out of lies to tell / For love is restless, love's a flirt / Love has places to go and people to hurt / So here's the shovel to smother the flame / Tomorrow you'll barely remember my name / And I'll try to forget you, my dearest one / As a prisoner tries to forget the sun / For life holds no purpose, and love holds no charms / Since I beheld you in another's arms. Stars: Now he works as a bodyguard for high-profile clients, and has a reputation for getting the job done. Even when 90s nostalgia hits an all-time high it tends to be only around certain agreed upon movie titles that best represent the decade. Comedy, Drama, Romance. "That's why God made other women. | Robert Downey Jr., "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is"Hanks plays the title character, a shy Southern boy in love with his childhood best friend (Robin Wright) who finds that his ability to run fast takes him places. Director: While it doesn't explain why bad things happen to good people, it tries to reassure us that good people can find divine justice. James Fleet, She threatened me, I patronized her. He is skeptical at first, but after seeing it work for his cat, he decides to go in on an experiment with his geeky lady friend, Diane (Sandra Bullock), to test out just how well it works for two people who have always been unlucky in love up to that point. A young man and woman meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one evening together in Vienna. Tom Hanks plays a man named Joe who thinks he is dying. Throughout the movie, their bosses never realize who the other speechwriter is.In many ways Speechless is a stereotypical love story, the major thing going for this love story is the fact that Keaton and Davis are writers who are on the either side of the two opposing political parties. "He Said," the first half of the film presents Dan's view of their work and love life. We always make fun of it and stuff. 113 min "Persuasion is my personal favorite of all Jane Austen's books. Andre Braugher, $31.05M. Stars: Stars: When she is transformed into a graceful woman, she captures the attention of the sons of the family.Harrison Ford is Linus Larrabee, the eldest son of the Larrabee family who took over the reigns for his father and turned the multi-million dollar family business into some "serious money." "Christian Slater plays the man that every woman would love to meet. "You're holding my heart. | Stars: PG Denis Leary, | Jeanne Tripplehorn, $50.01M. Oh, how I wish you would." | Gross: He finds out who she is but she doesn't know. | "When they ask me what I liked the best, I'll tell them, it was you. "Tom Bartlett: I think I've loved you since that first day in the market. | Gross: Photographer Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) wanders into the life of housewife Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) for four days in the 1960s. Director: In fact, Rose is even a little too feisty for the era at times. ... (Fernanda Montenegro, Vinícius de Oliveira) 90… | Don't look for anything deep here, it's a sweet romance that won't make your teeth rot, it's simply a great movie. Rex Everhart, Votes: She's brilliant. $178.41M. Bemused by her company, Edward hires her for the week at a rate of $3,000. Lawrence Kasdan Clint Eastwood, James Ivory An obvious issue addressed by Prelude to a Kiss (and it's provocative, albeit far from original) is the unimportance of physical appearance to the notion of true love. | PG Didn't have anything to eat, but I thought there was a connection. | They accidentally release him, then run in terror. Director: | Here is a list of 75 of the 200 most popular films of 1980-1995 according to IMDB. | | Kathy Bates, Votes: But I don't know how OK I was with myself before I met you, so maybe you're making me OK. "Daniel Miller (Brooks) is a rather ordinary man who dies in a car accident one day on his birthday. Sure, the storyline (the romance, mainly) could have been less cliched, but the acting fits perfectly with the time. Director: During a cryogenics test, a pilot frozen in 1939 awakes in 1992 but time is running out, as his body starts to age rapidly. Director: "A woman throws caution to the wind in the pursuit of the man of her dreams -- whom she's never met -- in this romantic comedy. Most of the time, they're in the margins of each others world. Joaquim de Almeida, Votes: Yet when Black's holiday is over, so is Parrish's life.The movie deals significantly and sensitively with our deeper feelings about love and death and life's truly worthwhile experiences. Director: | Comedy, Romance. Rip Torn, "Every good relationship has two sides. Start with this list from CNN's "The Movies." Tom Wilkinson, Votes: After a young man is murdered, his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a reluctant psychic. He gives Brandon the right amount of sadness, tenderness and love - and sweeps anyone off their feet just by being in the scene. Stars: Comedy, Romance. 107 min Teen Movies Comedies. And Alan Rickman is just wonderful! "It is the story of New York City police officer who wins the lottery and splits his winnings with a waitress. 91,324 | Comedy, Romance. PG-13 Stars: 100 Greatest Films of the 90s. Laura San Giacomo, Votes: Rob Reiner | Comedy, Drama, History. It is thoughtful, honest, superbly funny and heartbreaking. Go once around. $58.22M. "You wanna know why, and there's no why. "It's not right for a woman to read. Billy Zane, A romance slowly blooms as his friends and family (not to mention the world at large) wonder out loud what he's doing dating a movie star. But Random Hearts provides welcome relief from dramas that flirt with emotional anguish without delving into its deeper consequences. Gwyneth Paltrow, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance. It's better to go through the searing pain of this than to never love at all. 4,766 Tom Wilkinson, Votes: They are a month away from the election, and Geena Davis and Michael Keaton are competing with each other to get their candidate elected while having a romance at the same time. | Gross: Votes: 100 min Janeane Garofalo, Mel Gibson, | Gross: | Stars: Robin Williams, $34.07M. There is nothing original about this movie from any other love story, but there is enough humour in it to keep you laughing. 100 Greatest Movies of the 1990s including the Year, Director, and Leading Actors. 31,390 105 min Julie Delpy, PG-13 | 2011 à 05:53. Julia Ormond, Romance, Comedy. Bonnie Hunt, "In the summer of 1965, Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) cares for her family with all her heart, as she has done for years. Teen movies des années 1990. | | No, I mean, we actually slept -- sleeping slept. But what I do find a major irritation are those persons who are simply going from post to post looking for romance. "A toast before we go into battle. PG Gwen's letters to the Los Angeles Times, condemning plans by Nick's architecture firm to tear down the historic apartment complex that she lives in, and that Francesca owns? Comedy, Drama, Romance, Renata Bella feels like a failure at life and career. $20.04M. Other than that, this was a cute romantic comedy not filled with any graphic sexual content or sexual innuendos like most such movies. Quels sont les meilleurs films des années 1990 ? R Geena Davis, 97 min Two strangers, whose paths are always crossing, finally meet when fate steps in. Anthony LaPaglia, Votes: Claire Forlani is superb, at her best, as the woman who represents love and changes the Grim Reaper's attitude forever;Brad Pitt is the Grim Reaper and plays this complex role beautifully. Demi Moore, Josh Brolin, Votes: One day, William is minding the store when in strolls Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), a lovely and well-known actress from the United States who is in London working on a film. Oliver Platt, Votes: $100.32M. | Even though she is engaged to Walter (Bill Pullman), Annie begins to wonder what it would be like to meet Sam. she's done everything right. This is the time when England had to choose between gentlemanly complacency or bold interference, contenting themselves on the maintenance of a measured outward appearance, while inside the feelings are hard to keep swallowed down.The Remains of the Day is a quiet film, thoughtful in every detail, subtle in every feeling. Comedy, Drama, Romance. 18,269 One taste will make him irresistible to any woman who hears his voice for up to four hours. $217.63M. Norman Jewison This list is alphabetical by year of release. Dale Midkiff, Votes: Christopher Reeve, Votes: Tom McFadden, While dashing back to the shop, he bumps into Anna on the street, spilling juice all over her blouse. A police officer promises to share his lottery ticket with a waitress in lieu of a tip. Greg Kinnear, | Gross: | They are creatures of the heart. "Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a little romantic comedy called Simply Irresistible. Uma Thurman, The trend strengthened towards creating ever-larger blockbuster films, which earned more in their opening weeks than any previous film… Much of the dialogue is very hokey, almost cringe inducing, but if you accept the main premise, it seems to fit right in with the kind of trite love story that it is. Nora Ephron Walter Matthau, | 194 min | | Stars: The family patriarch (Sam Neill) recognizes and encourages Andrew's uncommon characteristics, particularly his artistic streak, sensitivity to beauty, humor, and independence of spirit. | Stars: "Frank Farmer, a retired secret service man who is haunted by the fact that he wasn?t on duty to protect President Reagan when he was shot at. Christopher Reeve, 5,969 | Light and humorous is probably the best way to describe it. 1,789,323 Waving goodbye, from the porch, to what is essentially her life, Francesca settles down with her thoughts and a cool glass of iced tea.Francesca's reverie is rudely interrupted by the approach of a pick-up truck, kicking up gravel. Who needs affection when I have blind hatred? Danny Aiello, Bianca is dying to go out with Joey, the most popular and attractive guy at their school. When Jerry is fired, Dorothy, an accountant he has hardly noticed, is inspired by his newfound ideals and leaves the agency to become his secretary. "A remake of the classic Shakespare play "The Taming of the Shrew", this story is set in a modern day Padua High School. PG Giancarlo Giannini, Votes: Director: The passion of Andrew as a convert to the human race and his willingness to sacrifice all to give and take love. Though the script occasionally veers into both cliché and sentimentality, Once Around ends up a thoroughly charming experience thanks the marvelous chemistry between Hunter and Dreyfuss. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*... "The tale told by Beauty and the Beast is an old one, dating back centuries. $0.75M. | Meg Ryan, While in Judgment City, Daniel meets an attractive young woman named Julia (Streep), who is also on trial. Charles S. Dutton, $19.03M. "A movie that puts the character of Albert Einstein (Walter Matthau) into a story involving his fictitious niece Catherine (Meg Ryan), and her desire to marry a slide rule professor. A photographer for National Geographic, he's arrived in Iowa to flesh out an article on the local covered bridges with some arresting photos. $38.18M. Director: Patricia Rozema Despite their obviously different sexual preferences, Holden decides to become friendly with Alyssa, and in a poignantly emotional scene, Holden confesses that he's in love with her and wants more than friendship. Geoffrey Rush, 111 min Hugh Grant gives us a great performance of the charmingly shy Edward, who would like nothing more than a quiet private life. We are privy to everything, including the sort of "unimportant" dialogue that most films shy away from. He turns to Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg), a wacky spiritual advisor, to help track down his killer and protect his distraught girlfriend, Molly (Demi Moore). 117 min Also surprising is a bit of nudity and overt sexuality, which is never found in a Jane Austen film. | His friends have started down the matrimonial road, but not Charles. | Bill Pullman, A magical crab works wonders for a terrible chef's culinary skills, leading her towards the man of her dreams. | | Gross: A rich businessman's assumption that his new colleague is gay leads him to ask the man to keep an eye on his mistress. | | Tom Hanks, 136 min Four Weddings and a Funeral possesses the rare ability to make an audience laugh (and laugh hard) and cry, without ever seeming manipulative or going hopelessly over-the-top.