Yesss | Slightly embarrassed, he asks Rapunzel not to tell anyone because it could ruin his reputation, and jokes that "a fake reputation is all a man has.". John Smith | Merryweather | Elizabeth Swann | Bambi | Later, Eugene's boat crashes into the guard tower near the jail, jolting him back to consciousness, but as he realizes that Rapunzel is in trouble and calls out for her, he is captured by the guards. Bongo the Bear | Wayne Szalinski | Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games Clopin | Sophie | Quasimodo | Lampy | Perdita | Eugene accompanies Rapunzel as she delightedly explores the Kingdom, enjoying various activities with her, such as reading at the library, eating, and even dancing (at Maximus's prompting). Georgette | Chicken Little | Jack Skellington | Nala (2019) | Flynn Rider Thème Disney Princesses Ensemble 41054 41065 Film Tout un monde de rêves à construire Sortie 2014 Flynn Rider est une mini-poupée Disney Princesses et un voleur qui se réfugie dans la tour de Raiponce. Aramis | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Belle (2017) | Will Stronghold | Granny Rose | Aslan | Other adventures such as "Jewel Heist" would demonstrate examples of Rider's exceptional skills as a thief, despite his failure to avoid trouble at all costs during his thefts. Lucky | Theodore and Amos | Bobby and Clank | John Rolfe | Dani Dennison | Il fait équipe avec les frères Stabbington afin de voler le diadème royal. Dr. David Q. Dawson | Flynn became one of the most infamous thieves in all of Corona despite the fact that the original Flynn Rider was not a thief. Shank | Alan Bradley | Sarabi | Flynn serves as the opening narrator for the story, where he initially jokes, "This is a story of how I died", before giving a brief recount of the circumstances surrounding Rapunzel's birth to the kingdom's King and Queen, and Rapunzel's subsequent kidnapping by Mother Gothel. Cogsworth | The Emperor of China | Naminé | Après l'avoir dûment assommé, Raiponce lui fait du chantage afin qu'il l’emmène « voir les lumières » (envol de lanternes ayant lieu tous les ans dans le royaume) pour son 18e anniversaire et qu'il la ramène (vivante) jusqu'à sa tour, en échange de quoi il pourrait récupérer la couronne volée. Bullyland Flynn Rider Action Figure. The Prince | In "Barrel Blast", Flynn breaks into the castle dungeon as the Stabbington Brothers (who he betrayed yet again) are being sent to their cells, but only for the priceless piece of riches they still had. Eugene never knew t… Arthur Pendragon | Eugene accompanies Rapunzel during her return to the Kingdom, as she has discovered that she has been its lost princess, and witnesses her reunion with her parents. The BFG | Sora | Queen Athena | Seven Dwarfs (Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy & Dopey) | Mooch | As the short opens, Flynn starts off the story by joking "This is the story of the day my life ended" as a nod to the original film's opening. Zero | Basil of Baker Street | Flynn est même considéré comme étant le héros Disney le plus attirant par Vanity Fair, E! Simba | Darwin | John Carter | Lofty | Nanni Baldini, en Le monde des acteurs de la voix, Escort Rapunzel to see the lanterns in Corona in order to get back the lost crown and help Rapunzel escape from Gothel's abuse. Fauna | The Prince | Madame Leota | Jinmay | Pinocchio | Maurice | Ivan | Jane Porter | Rikku | The 10 Sexiest Pictures Of Flynn Rider Flynn Rider is one of Disney's hottest new male stars. Dans cette version, Flynn a été conçu pour être un compagnon de route pour "atteindre son objectif."[3],[4]. Lefty | Piglet | Taran | Honeymaren Natura | Tummi Gummi | Mittens | Shadow | L'acteur conclut en disant que "ces deux personnages sont très différents, mais finalement ils apprennent beaucoup l'un de l'autre au cours de cette folle aventure. Dave Stutler | Mrs. Ladybug | Timothy Q. Flowers | Stitch | Tantor | Ansem the Wise | Milo James Thatch | Chief Tui | Layla Williams | Perri | Aquarianne | Chip Potts | Tramp (2019) | Little John | Kiara | Kenai | Dr. Finkelstein | Taylor McKessie | Bog King, Sequels After explaining that he has readopted his original name and stopped thieving, Eugene then claims that he accepted Rapunzel's proposal of marriage after years and years of asking, only to be corrected by her. Mother Gothel agrees and chains the wounded Eugene instead. Eugene and Rapunzel about to share a kiss. Casey Newton | Rolly | Grace | Marie | He was one of the key elements that made Tangled a level above it's predecessor Disney movies. Mouse King | Mother Gothel rapidly ages and dies without the magic from Rapunzel's hair. SugarbyVarian (formerly)StalyanMother and FatherTromusHeartlessNobodiesMarluxiaCassandra (formerly) Mercury | Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | Annette, Collette and Danielle | Mouse | Vidia | Monker Muddlefoot | Copper | Tod | Aerith Gainsborough | In the short, "Crashimus Maximus", Flynn escapes the royal guards, though his real threat proves to be Maximus, revealing a history together even before the crown heist. Lance Strongbow | Sir Tuxford | Roger Radcliffe | Grand Councilwoman | Charles de Girl | Magic Carpet | Flynn's talents also include fencing, horseback riding, scaling and maneuvering over high walls and towers and "superhuman good looks", which unfortunately have no effect on Rapunzel. Lumière | Kala | Jaq and Gus (2015) | Every night, Eugene would read them "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider", stories of a rich and dashing swashbuckler who had an abundance of thrilling adventures wherever he went. John Smith | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | She begins to sob, letting a single tear fall onto his cheek. Hercules | Rapunzel tries desperately to save the dying Eugene by singing the healing incantation. The two then exchange their rings as the bishop pronounces the couple husband and wife. Hyacinth Hippo | Raksha (2016) | After arriving at the tower, he becomes worried when Rapunzel does not answer his calls, but her hair soon comes down to let him climb up. Patch | I haven't seen someone this dreamy since Eric from The Little Mermaid. James Henry Trotter | Flounder | Sven | Sora | Hera | However, unable to see anything in the darkness, he admits defeat and the two huddle together in the rising water, believing that they are about to die. Shane Wolfe | Hurley | Lauriam | Shanti | Prince Phillip | Do-Gooder Full Name José Carioca | Cette caractéristique peut être ramenée à la surface grâce à la pureté, l'amour et l'émerveillement de Raiponce". Penny Gadget | Pumbaa | Lucky | Hua Mulan | Eugene Fitzherbert, better known as Flynn Rider, is the deuteragonist of the Tangled franchise. Cougar cubs | C'est un personnage qui ne sait pas vraiment qui il est, il fait ce qui l'amuse. He was voiced by Zachary Levi, who also portrayed Shazam in Shazam!, and Toby Seville from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Morgana Macawber | Whales | Prince Dastan | Peg Pete | Neera | Lea | Fairy Godmother | Toulouse | cloueurs en Heroes of the Storm; liens externes. Maui | Flora | Cala | Sarabi (2019) | Frank Walker | Eeyore | Elizabeth Swann | Ages: 36 months - 14 years. Peter Pevensie | Tonto | Cinderella | Flynn Rider. Percy | The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Eugene is evidently frightened by the magic, to the point of near-hysteria, but he quickly calms himself down when Rapunzel begs him to not "freak out". Tadashi Hamada | Tom Sawyer | Moogles (Mog) | Marnie Piper | Rolly | Dalia | Dr. Doppler | La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 11 avril 2019 à 15:59. "[10] Raiponce convainc Flynn de reprendre son nom de naissance (Eugène Fitzherbert). Incarnations View all 8 versions of Flynn Rider / Eugene Fitzherbert on BTVA. Grand Duke | Mr. Big | Goodtime Charlie | As he spent time with her, he gained a respect for the headstrong young lady that became strong affection and caring. Friend Owl | He learns Rapunzel's history, and the nature of her magical gift, which is lost if the hair is cut. Piglet (2018) | Gladstone Gander | Dixie | L’étonnante geôlière de Flynn cherche un moyen de sortir de cette tour où elle est enfermée depuis des années. Zoe Plummer | Martin | Pour défendre la personnalité de Flynn Rider, Levi explique qu'il a "bon cœur, dans le fond. Samson | Wardrobe | James Norrington | Thumper | Warren Peace | Alice Kingsleigh | Morph | GoGo Tomago | Olaf | Raiponce est un film d'animation américain, inspiré de l'adaptation du conte éponyme Raiponce des frères Grimm, réalisé par Byron Howard et Nathan Greno. Mrs. Jumbo | Panicking, Flynn tries desperately to find an escape under the water, injuring his hand in the process. Gyro Gearloose | Data-Roxas | Mike Wazowski | Flynn Rider VOICE Zachary Levi. Santa Claus | Jenny Blake | Zugor | Jaq and Gus | That night, Eugene takes Rapunzel out on the water in a rowboat to see the lights. The conversation is cut short when they discover that the guards have pursued them into the passage. David Kawena | Cleo | Princess Tamina | Captain Jack Sparrow | King John | Valiant | Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider Raiponce - La série; Thomas en Jours adolescents; Jeu vidéo. Ichabod Crane | Gruff | China Girl | Sassy | Chief Powhatan | An overjoyed Rapunzel then embraces him jubilantly, and the two share their first kiss at last. Dumbo (2019) | Heihei | Grandmother Willow | Muses | Hector Barbossa | The short closes with Eugene proclaiming, "So, who wants a piece of cake?" Cogsworth (2017) | Big Hero 6 (Baymax | Fred |Go Go Tomago | Hiro Hamada | Honey Lemon | Wasabi) | Hobby Kairi | Susan Johnson | Zero (Holes) | Flounder | Elizabeth James | Tigger | La voix du personnage en version originale (américaine) est réalisée par l'acteur américain Zachary Levi, qui est aussi la voix chantée de Flynn (son duo avec Mandy Mo… Eddie Valiant | Jane | Raiponce est un film réalisé par Byron Howard et Nathan Greno avec les voix de Maeva Méline, Romain Duris. Jim Evers | Gopher | Duma | Ape | Baymax | Te Fiti | Zummi Gummi | Scrooge McDuck | Friar Tuck | Flynn Rider (né Eugene Fitzherbert) est un personnage fictif qui apparaît dans Walt Disney Animation Studios 50e film d'animation de Raiponce, son court - métrage Tangled Ever After, et la série télévisée 2017 Tangled: La série. Maximus | Pecos Bill | Li Shang | Mad Hatter | Lea | Rhino | Thomas | Zephyr | However, when he climbs jubilantly through the tower window, he finds Rapunzel gagged and chained to the wall. Koda | Porthos | Morogo | Mushu | Donald Duck | Pete (2016) | Chip and Dale | Mortimer Mouse | Chip Potts (2017) | Roo | Gale, Live-Action Movies L'origine de ces sessions est que les réalisateurs trouvaient le design de Raiponce impressionnant, et ils voulaient que "Flynn soit à la hauteur". Prince Charming | Aqua | Chico | By the end of the film, Flynn's love for her has grown to the point where he is willing to die so that she can be free. Pacha | Kanga | Nikki | Rajah (2019) | Gaetan Moliére | However, as the film progresses, they become loyal and protective towards one another. Varian | Kit Cloudkicker | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Cash | Long John Silver | Jaq | Quorra | Judy Hopps | Snow White | Prince Naveen | Santa Claus | Christopher Robin | Jack Skellington | Flynn Rider | Vitani | Rafiki | Riku Replica | et Cosmopolitan. Sally | "[8] D'après Colin Covert de Star Tribune, Flynn "a enseigné le courage à Raiponce. While they wait for the lights, Rapunzel expresses her apprehension about finally living her dream, and Eugene reassures her and encourages her to find a new dream afterward. Il plaisante : "les employées ont commencé en citant Nathan et moi comme exemple de ce qu'il ne fallait PAS faire."[7]. From shop SixPrincesses. Sweet Polly Purebred | Figaro | April, May and June | Balthazar's Eagle | Ocean | Ray the Firefly | Judy Hopps | Zeus | Kerchak | Mowgli (2016) | White Queen | Milly and Joe Farrier | Sally | Mulch Diggums | Scrooge McDuck | Lady | Madellaine | Spirit Dream Eaters | Tip and Dash | Movie: Tangled Franchise: Tangled. Miguel Rivera, Original Characters He is awestruck at the sight of Rapunzel in her wedding attire as her father, the King, walks her down the center aisle. Pongo | Marshmallow | Cobra Bubbles | Flit | Annie James | Alice Liddell | Darkwing Duck | Wreck-It Ralph | Ki | Hera | Mayor of Halloween Town | The next day, as he is taken to be hanged, he notices the Stabbington Brothers in their own cell. Grandma Tala | Baylene | Tarzan | Alistair Krei | Rabbit | J.P. Spamley | Selphie Tilmitt | Eeyore | Flynn is of average height and build with fair skin, short dark brown hair, a scruffy goatee and light brown eyes. Athena | Dawn | En prenant la fuite, il parvient à les semer et à faire cavalier seul, les trahissant. Rapunzel uses her hair to help him escape the cliff and the horse, but when Maximus damages the dam in order to reach them, the two are trapped in a cave, which begins filling rapidly with water. Kristoff | Kristoff | Pete | Alias Eugene Fitzherbert seemingly never knew his parents and spent all of his time with his fellow orphans in the orphanage. Strelitzia | Angelique | Fifi | Elliott (2016) | Les acteurs Errol Flynn (dont le nom a inspiré celui du personnage) et Gene Kelly ont également influencé la personnalité du personnage. Lumpy | Terra (Lingering Will) | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | The Emperor of China | Benji | Skeeter Bronson | Aladdin | Evinrude | Wing Commander Gutsy | Bambi's Mother | Pascal | Squall Leonhart | Fairy Godmother (2015) | Captain Gantu | Cassim | Queen Leah | Dusty Crophopper | Eugene and Rapunzel are shown later after Maximus and Pascal manage to get the rings back, but the couple (and everyone else) are shocked at the grotesque-looking Maximus and Pascal, both covered with tar, who offer the rings. Vanellope von Schweetz | Fethry Duck | Jonathan Boy | Miguel Rivera | Pete | Mr. Centipede | Flynn loses sight of the importance of becoming rich as he fights to be with Rapunzel. Violet Parr | Geppetto | Prince Eric | Wilbur Robinson | Rosetta | Jenny Foxworth | Timon (2019) | Gordon Bombay | Flynn Rider (de son vrai nom Eugene Fitzherbert) est un personnage de fiction qui apparaît dans le 50e film d'animation des studios Disney, Raiponce (Tangled), ainsi que dans le court-métrage Le Mariage de Raiponce et dans la série animée à venir[1].